Senior Big Data Engineer


1. Responsible for the establishment and daily maintenance of the data warehouse.

2. Optimize the full-stack architecture of the big data system continuously, enhancing platform performance, stability, and reliability.

3. Keep abreast of new research and tackle technical challenges in big data.

4. Oversee the design and development of big data applications.


1. Bachelor's degree or higher in a computer-related field; practical experience in establishing a data warehouse from scratch is essential.

2. Proficient in big data and data warehouse principles with over 8 years of experience in big data platform development or architectural design.

3. Familiar with mainstream technologies and products in the Hadoop ecosystem. Proficient in the principles and performance optimization of big data components like Flink/Spark/HDFS/HBasee/Hive/ES/Kafka/ClickHouse.

4. Proficient in Java/Scala. Experience with Redis/MongoDB/MySql/Neo4j databases is a plus.

5. Contributions to open-source frameworks or experience in reading source code are advantageous.

Sharp insight into the latest big data technological trends, with a proactive learning and research ability. 6. Knowledge in unified lake-house architectures, cloud-native big data, computation-storage separation, knowledge computation, distributed collaborative computing, and high-performance cross-source querying is desired.

7. Strong sense of responsibility, team spirit, and a continuous learning mindset. Must be open to accepting challenges.

Senior JAVA Engineer


1. Participate in the design and development of the company's core products.

2. System refactoring and optimization to achieve high performance, high concurrency, and high availability.

3. Engage in systemic thinking, deeply uncover and analyze business needs.

4. Collaborate with other team members, ensuring the quality and progress of tasks.


1. Bachelor's degree in a computer-related field with over 5 years of development experience.

2. Familiarity with Amazon AWS cloud services.

3. Deep understanding of mainstream development frameworks, including SpringMVC, SpringBoot, SpringCloud, Dubbo, Mybatis, etc.

4. Familiar with commonly used design patterns and the basic principles of object-oriented programming.

5. Proficient in MySql, NO-SQL databases, and standard file storage with substantial SQL optimization experience.

6. Knowledgeable about middleware principles like Redis, RabbitMQ, Zookeeper, etc., and can utilize them based on requirements.

7. Familiar with distributed, high concurrency system architectures and websocket development. Strong performance optimization skills are essential.

8. Experience with ElasticSearch development and some experience in search/recommendation system development.

9. A passion for programming, excellent logical thinking, communication, learning abilities, and team spirit.

10. A strong sense of responsibility and a proactive working attitude.

11. Adequate English reading skills.