Why are we called SoSo Value?

Leveraging Crypto Native know-how and insights from the financial market, SoSo Value discerns the gold from the bubble, seeing through to the true value. We combine the youthful energy of the crypto world with the seriousness of traditional finance. We don't put on airs or use jargon – we break down complex crypto concepts in plain language, catering to Investors who are interested in the crypto market. There's nothing new under the sun, and value isn't that complicated. It's just SoSo Value.

What are the rewards?

SoSo Value is currently in its testing phase. We're eager to gather your experiences and feedback. We invite everyone to highlight areas where our product can be improved, needs can be met, or even share your wildest ideas. Our goal is to grow and shape this platform collectively, building SoSo Value together. To this end, we've designed a simple reward system, ensuring that those who journey with us and contribute to our growth receive deserved incentives.

What is the SoSo Space?

Living in the digital realm, especially in the Web3 world, we've realized that real-life connections have become increasingly scarce. There's a palpable yearning among us for a space where like-minded individuals, eager to build together, can forge deeper connections. From this desire, SoSo Space was born.

SoSo Space serves as the tangible world anchor for both us at SoSo Value and the broader Web3 ecosystem builders. We concentrate on melding AI with blockchain technology, aiming to bolster individual productivity in the digital sphere through computing prowess, and collaboratively forging new horizons for Web3. As of now, SoSo Space has established its presence in Singapore, with aspirations to branch out to cities globally. For more details, visit: SoSo Space

How to build with SoSo Value?

We invite friends all over to join hands in shaping SoSo Value, as we continually explore various modes of collaboration.

For those inclined to share feedback or innovative ideas, our Rewards system is at your disposal. We guarantee that each valuable input will be justly rewarded.

Interested in being part of our journey? Browse through our job openings by clicking on Careers and grow with us.

Of course, whether it's a business proposal or a fresh, out-of-the-box concept, we are always open to possibilities. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Let's dive into a conversation and jointly navigate the exciting landscape of Crypto.